Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Ducks show!

Local patch: this afternoon there was quite a great movement of ducks on the sea. Instead of the usual small flock of Wigeons, today the sea was almost covered in ducks. Most of it were probably Wigeons/Garganeys, but I could spot also at least 20 PINTAILS (1st record for the species here!!). They formed some long and tight flock-lines; then at dusk they started to fly eastwards, after a few circles above the sea. Heading (as usual) in the same direction, also huge numbers of Black-headed Gulls, flying quite high in the sky in sparse flock formations ("wave-formation"). Large numbers of the latter species also swimming on the sea.
Other interesting birds included: a SERIN flying past an giving its call, one Raven high above the pine wood, some Song Thrushes calling after dusk and the usual "garden Buzzard" soaring low above gardens (see pic)
I've also seen this year's first Small Whites today.

The garden Buzzard (only for documentation):

The sunset