Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wigeons flying over

Local patch: Yesterday evening (7.20 pm) I was pleased to hear some Wigeons migrating over the patch. Unfortunately I couldn't quantify how many birds were in the flock. Probably heading east or north.
Let see what will turn up in the next days!

Today: more and more flocks of Wigeons are almost constantly overflying Barcola. The air is filled with whistling calls. The single flocks (coming in "waves") count at least 20-30 birds. At 6.40 pm (in semi-darkness) I've also seen about 15 big white birds (flying to the same direction - east) that I identified as possible Mute Swans. Although the most appropriate bird would be a Spoonbill, but it's quite improbable in this season!
Whilst I was moonwatching at least 4 bird shapes appeared over the moon's surface. The sizes were as that of a Woodpigeon, but in this case the identification is almost impossible.

Just before darkness also the first Bat sp. of the season appeared in flight above the gardens.