Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Kestrel and Geese

In the afternoon I re-visited some areas around the Isonzo river (Caneo and Isola della Cona - GO) in the hope of finding a recently reported Whooper Swan and the eventual, yesterday's reported, Short-eared Owl. Twitching was unsuccessful, but the afternoon was rather nice. More or less the usual species (as yesterday), plus about 500 White-fronted Geese in a field at Fossalon - GO and nice numbers of waders, feeding on the mudflats at the Isonzo's rivermouth, including: one OYSTERCATCHER, some Grey Plovers, lots of Dunlins and many (many!) Curlews (about 800-900 or more). Above the reedbeds some Hen Harriers hunting...and the Water Rails squeaking.

The White-fronted Geese at Fossalon

Local patch:
This morning I was delighted to see a Kestrel flying over my patch and circling a few times, before disappearing southwards. This is one of the few records of the species here. almost at the same time (10.50 am) I spotted in the sky 4 Geese, probably Greylags, due to their size. They flew quite high south-westwards.
A Nuthatch was singing from the highest trees in the surroundings, while some Hawfinches flew past.