Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Wind and rain

Local Patch: despite the bad weather, today there were good sightings too. First of all some WOODLARKS were overflying the gardens, in search of food, for the whole day. Especially in the morning some landed on the higher trees. The flock was composed of about ten birds or more. This species is probably flying south to search for food, due to the recent snowfalls on the Karst plateau.
The second interesting bird was a winter plumaged male BRAMBLING sitting on a branch just below one Woodlark, so I had both highlights in one scope view! (see pic below).
Then also: 6 Hawfinches flew past, a quite big flock of Siskins passed by (about 100 birds), a Blackcap, the usual Sparrowhawk, Dunnock and the first Chaffinch (female) coming to feed on my birdtable (see picture). Starlings were formong bigger flocks today (80 birds).
On the sea: 25 Great Crested Grebes, one Black-throated Diver and one Black-necked Grebe.


Woodlark (left) and Brambling (right)

Female Chaffinch at the birdtable