Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Fen Tiger and the Smew

This afternoon I went to Isola della Cona (GO), to se if I could get the two Lesser White-fronted Geese, that were present from yesterday. I wasn't lucky with the geese (they came to the inner marshes after dusk), but instead I had some other good birds. A BITTERN was flying above the marsh, then it landed in the reedbed, giving a nice view. A female SMEW was present too in the inner mere, along with two female Goldeneyes and a female Tufted Duck. The usual Goshawk showed well for a second and a flock of approx. 15 Little Stints flew past. As I said, at dusk came all the Greater White-fronted Geese (700x) with the Greylags.

Smew (above and below)

Goldeneye (below)