Thursday, 19 November 2009

Foggy days

Cirl Bunting (by DomenS)

Local Patch: For the last two weeks, the weather has been quite bad, with clouds, fog and occasional rain. Dunnocks and Wrens are a regular sighting in the gardens and some Cirl Buntings turn up almost every day (see the picture). The Chaffinches are increasing; today at least 15x birds in flock, feeding in orchards and on lawns. Black Redstarts are now a usual sight on roofs. The migratory influx has diminuished (of course) and the last few finches were Linnets and Siskins.

By the way, some of the biggest bushes in the surrounding gardens have been chopped down the last few days. New owners are now building a house, so the effects will be quite devastating for the local wildlife. My only hope now (for good sightings in the future) is a surviving southern nettle-tree along with a chestnut...